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Jay Ramos (better known as Josh Ramos) has been a musician, arranger and producer for more than 30 years. Throughout the years he has worked with many Christian artists, among them: Claudina Brinn, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Marcos Witt and Danilo Montero.

He has a BA in Music Education from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  

Jay started playing guitar at age 12 and shortly after started experimenting with the drums, bass and the keyboard.

From 1987 to 1992, he played guitar and arranged for Claudina Brinn's original band.

In 1993, he had the opportunity to produced 5 songs in Juan Carlos Alvarado's Debut Solo Project: Aviva el fuego (Fan Into Flame) recorded in CanZion Production's recording studio in Durango, México. This project was distributed internationally by Word Records and is considered by many one of the most original productions in Spanish Christian music.  

In the year 2001, Jay had the honor of creating the music arrangement for the title track of El volverá (He Will Return) that featured Marcos Witt, Danilo Montero and Luis Enrique Espinosa and was recorded live in Jerusalem.

From 2004 to 2007, he was the production manager for Sígueme Internacional, the ministry founded by Danilo Montero.  During this time, he produced the following projects:  Eres Tú (You Are), Danilo en vivo (Danilo Live) and Tu amor (Your Love), this last project earned him a Billboard Award for Best Spanish Christian/Album 2008, and a Premio Arpa (Harp Award-Mexico) for Best Live Album 2008.

For 12 years Jay was the Multimedia Director of Harvest Time International, where he managed HTI Recording Studio, among other administrative duties.

Currently, he is the worship pastor at Central Sanford.

Jay is happily married to Lisa Rivera and has 5 children:  Daniel Josué, Isaac David, Leila Raquel, Benjamín Josué and Ana Carina.






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